Istria is a very special heart-shaped peninsula. She is rough and harsh, full of hard stone in the middle, but also sunny, green and magical on its edges where the endless blue sea touches the Alps. It stands from ancient times with the name derived from the Illyrian tribe Histri, who were the first inhabitants living here. This attractive Mediterannean space is the most developed destination in Croatia because of its sports and recreation facilities, bike trails, high quality service, gourmet flavours, wine roads, and its rich cultural heritage.

Poreč is the biggest tourist destination in Istria and it is situated in the middle of the western coast. The city exists from prehistory, but he rised during the Roman empire. This is visible in its urban structure, streets and sqares, especially in the main Decumanus street. There are many monuments from the ancient times in the old town but the most important monument to see is The Euphrasius Basilica built in the 6th century. The unique artistic complex of basilica, with the splendour of golden mosaics, is registered in the UNESCO’s Registry of World Heritage. It is open for visitors everyday except during religous rituals. You have the possibility to enjoy the piece of this luxurious church, walk through the catacombs and climb up to the steeple with a enchanting view. A piece of history you can not miss to see!

But how did Poreč become the champion of Croatian tourism? Except for its natural beauties such as the clear sea, green fields, vineyards and olive groves, this city offers numerous facilities for rest, sports and recreation. Here you can find more than 200 tennis courts, fitness centre, water activities such as diving and sailing, horse riding, mini golf, beach volleyball and so much more. All area is covered by walk and bike trails along the seashore where you can enjoy your ideal time in nature. And the best is you can enjoy this activities from the first signs of spring until the late autumn. Poreč offers perfect vacation throughout the entire year!

After you discover Istria’s beautiful landscape be ready to explore its renowned gastronomy. This peninsula is home of the best olive oils, exquisite wines and delicious cuisine. Istrian interior hide truffles – a powerful underground aphrodisiac, treasure of many Istrian dishes. Check some of the best restaurants, taverns, where you can taste prosciutto, cheese, truffles, honey, and fell in love with true aromas of the Istrian cuisine. After that take a stop in some of the medieval towns on the hill, sip yourself a glass of Teran and enjoy this peacefull surrounding with its magic on the horizon.